This week, our class had the pleasure of hearing Anna Pelova, CEO of YourInfluence.Agency, share her experiences of being an entrepreneur in the marketing/advertising industry.

A thoughtful and engaging conversation- Anna left my class and I feeling inspired to build and accomplish our goals.

I’ve listed some important points and hope you are just as inspired as we were.

  • Wherever you want to go in life- look at the people already in those positions.
  • Recognize your weaknesses, improve on them, & reach out.
  • When you’re not sure how to start, just build– Don’t wait for perfection or experience; build & be in the market to receive feedback.
  • Your MVP is your pitch deck – Build it & gather feedback.
  • Be almost ahead of your clients – Always overdeliver, never underdeliver.
  • Hire people you are confident in teaching or training, even if they don’t have the skillset. Trust the vibes from your team.
  • Be specific, from the perspective of value you are adding.
  • Think of yourself as a brand & describe what you do in 7 seconds.
  • Design inspires trust.
  • Understand your personal risk profile at certain points of your life.
  • On writing – Don’t judge, just write. Don’t constantly edit, you can edit the final version once complete.
  • On sales – Find a niche service & know which channels will work with your audiences.
  • Learn who your audiences are and adjust your language accordingly.
  • Brand expectations go up once the fee goes up. Learn how to effectively and efficiently manage these with resource constraints.
  • Some companies can over-post, losing people’s interest fast.
  • Follow the flow and see where the conversations are…
  • On cultural differences – It’s absolutely necessary to learn the styles of other cultures to prevent clients from growing frustrated.
  • Prove what you can do for clients with samples, portfolios, studies, etc.
  • Constant communication is key & it’s ok to over-communicate.
  • Good storytelling is harder to teach versus someone selling.

Anna also recommended a book called, “The Four Agreements” written by Don Miguel Ruiz, which I’ll be adding to my reading list.

I hope this post inspired you to achieve your goals and dreams. I’d love to hear what you think – Add your comments below!

Cover Photo Source: YourInfluence.Agency

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A passion for writing, photography, & all things digital; Diana obtained her Master's degree in Integrated Marketing in 2019 from NYU's School of Professional Studies, with a focus on Digital Marketing.  She is currently working on a project to be launched in 2020. Thank you for following along this journey. Stay tuned for updates!

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