Growth of DTC Brands

Technology continues to evolve, changing how brands interact with and reach their consumers.

This week’s buzzy acronym is DTC, which stands for Direct to Consumer.  In an evolution of technology and E-Commerce, Brands are vying for consumers attention in a new, meaningful way, with the help of big data insights.

The focus is on how to transition from being a brand that sells through retailers to being a brand that sells direct?

Online retailer has even tried to court some of these DTC brands.  “However, according to a report in Digiday, some DTC brands don’t want anything to do with Amazon, because they feel that teaming up with the retail giant won’t be good for them.” -Source from

Depending on the size of the business along with it’s product or service offering, brands need to make a decision, believing that certain technologies will be there in the future, which can lead to increased innovation, helping brands solve problems faster than competitors.  One best example of this is Elon Musks’s Boring Company.

Analysts are suggesting that 2019 is the tipping point for DTC brands, as the market space continues to grow rapidly with massive adoption by consumers.  By staying innovative and up to date on trends, Brands can improve relationships with consumers, while maximizing profit margins.

What companies are you interested to see in the E-Commerce space?

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