Zero-Alcohol Beer?

Yes, you read that correctly – Zero. Alcohol. Beer. Does that even make sense?

A creation by the folks at Heineken, these beers are made in the exact same process with the exact same tastes. Only difference? Zero alcohol.

Now, before we begin the much-heated debate, let’s check out one of their commercials for Heineken’s #NowYouCan campaign. I first saw the commercial while watching the Knicks game on the MSG Network (You can watch it here, but will need to log in to YouTube for age verification).

Heineken zero alcohol beer
Screenshot from Heineken’s Youtube Channel.

My initial thoughts were: Is this a Joke? Is this a real product? I then realized, naturally, I had to blog about it.  What do you think about Heineken’s new zero-alcohol beer?

If a beer has no alcohol, can we still call it a beer?  Comment your thoughts below!

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