NFL Mobile App

Did you know you can livestream any game on Verizon’s NFL Mobile App? If you’re away from a tv, be sure to download the app right now for the Super Bowl tonight!

Verizon customers can access live games, NFL content, and more, by downloading the NFL Mobile App onto their favorite mobile device.

JT NFL VrZn App.gif

Last semester, I worked on a group presentation for Integrated Marketing, studying the market strategy for this app.  As a fan of sports and music, I was wondering why NFL fans weren’t aware that this app exists! Here’s a funny gif/meme of Justin Timberlake I made for our presentation. One Team, One Stream!

Have you downloaded the Verizon NFL Mobile App? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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A passion for writing, photography, & all things digital; Diana is working on her Master's degree in NYU studying Integrated Marketing with a focus in Digital Marketing. She will be graduating May 2019.

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